Welcome, everyone, to The Rest of Us! Obviously, this is a real soft launch of something we hope will grow.

If you have read the “About” page of the website, you have a general idea of what TRU Sports is all about. A few of us were sitting around talking about conferences and the direction of college sports, in general. It became increasingly more apparent that there are some fun teams that are not covered near as much as they deserve. I think we said it best in the “About” section:  “In 2016, Leonard Fournette (RB, LSU) could sneeze and he would make the front page of ESPN.”

Those behind TRU Sports are just a couple of guys that love college sports and give major props to those that play in a Group of Five conference. We are still working out the kinks in college basketball since Group of Five vs. Power Five does not carry the same weight as it does with football. Hey, just shoot us some ideas if you have any!

We are realistic. We know that in this day and age, it is difficult to launch any website let alone a sports website. That is why we are starting out with the free version of WordPress. Hopefully, you like our stuff, follow us on Twitter, and engage with our content. Through hard work, determination, and your feedback, we would love to move this to an official domain, eventually.

Lastly, we have never been keen on a select few people running and dictating a website. The beauty of this website is that anyone can contribute (just visit “Write for Us!”). You know your team better than anyone else, and you know your team better than some Joe Schmo from another conference/team…so get to writing!

-TRU Sports


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